Why should I hire a freelancer

I will come straight to the point instead of beating around the bush

Money-saving, cheaper websites

Can you spend atleast Rs 40,000 for a starter website with just a few pages? On an average any website that is developed by an agency or an organization, the price difference is huge.

The website that can be built on a certain budget ends up being over-paid and you can’t blame them, there are overheads of an organization. Full time developers instead of freelancers, rents, hikes, bonuses etc etc.



Gets your website developed faster (High Priority)

With a freelancer, the job gets a dedicated and experienced resource. Now one cannot be expected to learn everything in the world, so hiring a freelancer who matches the area of expertise, for the project will get the job done way faster than you trying to learn it and then implement the same.




Gets your website developer better and in a more professional manner (Improved Quality)

Every organization will have a definite set of rules otherwise known as “Standards”, this may not always be a Pro. In the name of standard you would like being over-charged or getting a sub-standard product for the money which can get you what you want via a freelancer?

With a freelancer the negotiation is productive. Hence the job gets done better.



Contact a freelancer directly

Freelancers are always one phone call away. A local developer with available for you in your city (e.g. website developers in bangalore), all you have to do is setup a meeting time and place. Your website gets developed in a matter of days with utmost comfort and a reliable person whom you can meet more often than taking appointments.



Save your office space by hiring a freelancer



Adding more fire to the saving money debate, is saving office space. Real life human beings tend to take up a lot of space – but not if they work from their own abode! Reduced overheads will make your hip pocket happy, and won’t mess with your office Feng Shui.




Reduce risk by hiring a freelance developer

Because, strictly speaking, they’re not employees. They don’t have the right to unemployment insurance, and rarely have the right to compensation benefits. They don’t have the right to sue for harassment, discrimination, or unfair dismissal. If they’re not the right fit, they’re easier to sack and replace.


When would you need a freelancer

  • Developing a blog, or revamp existing design – you know that you need quality, SEO-infused web content, updated regularly, but good content takes time. Leave it to the writing pros who know their colons from their commas.
  • Website programming – just trust me on this one. Leave the coding to the experts, before you break something.
  • Building a custom portal solely for your business use
  • Build a low budget website to create an online presence

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